Secure Online Video and Phone Counselling/Psychotherapy

(Telehealth or E-therapy)

I am happy to bring my counselling and psychotherapy services via secure online video and by telephone to where you are; whether you are an individual or a couple looking for e-therapy you can now easily access therapy from the convenience and comfort of your home, office or from wherever you can be in a private and quiet space with access to a computer (including tablet) with a reliable internet connection, and a phone.

In the current COVID 19 environment e-therapy has become essential and may be an alternative to traditional face-to-face therapy during other times. Online video and phone therapy could be helpful if you are in need of treatment and are unable to leave your home for various health reasons or have a busy schedule that would not allow you to take the time to travel to my office to meet in person.

I invite you to contact me today for a free 10-15 minutes phone consultation or to inquire if e-therapy may be suitable for you.


Phone: (226) 984-9398

430 Waterloo Street, Main Floor, London, Ontario N6B 2P2